Keith Porter and Charles Scawthorn played an active role at 11NCEE held in Los Angeles 25-29 June 2018.  Scawthorn co-chaired a session with Dr. Craig Davis of LADWP on the topic of Achieving Water Supply Network Seismic Reliability and Resilience, where he presented a paper on the topic of the PIPE algorithm (Pipe Importance and Priority Evaluation), available here, and Porter presented a paper on “Will the San Francisco East Bay Water Supply Go Haywire?, available here.  Both Scawthorn and Porter also presented papers in the Innovations Of The HayWired Scenario session, where Porter’s paper was “Basic Research from the Haywired Scenario to Better Inform Resilience Plans” available here, and Scawthorn’s paper was “Fire Following the Mw 7.0 Haywired Earthquake”, available here.