SPA Principal Keith Porter spoke at and moderated breakout sessions at the ARkStorm Summit in Sacramento, CA, on January 13 and 14, 2011. ARkStorm (California’s other “Big One”; video here) is an emergency planning scenario developed by the US Geological Survey, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, California Geological Survey, a number of California utilities, and others. It hypothesizes a severe winter storm similar to the mega-storm that struck California in 1861-1862, and somewhat smaller than 6 California storms of the last 1800 years. The scenario is documented in USGS Open-File Report OFR-2010-1312, for which Porter is 1st author, available here. It estimates realistic impacts in such an event of $400 billion property loss plus $600 billion in business interruption losses; 1.5 million Californians displaced; 25% of California property affected by flooding; and virtually every California county and economic sector affected in some way. The two-day ARkStorm Summit served as the venue for the official release of the ARkStorm Scenario. 250 invited guests from the public and private sector joined together to plan action as a result of the scenario’s findings. Speakers and guests included the USGS Administrator; a Congresswoman, the California Treasurer’s Director of Pubilc Finance, as well as emergency managers, regulatory and scientific agencies, policymakers, business leaders, and other experts from the public and private sector. Click here for more information. Contact us for a private briefing on what your organization can learn from the ARkStorm Scenario.