SAFRR-Tsunami Visual

This new disaster planning scenario from the USGS and partners depicts the potential effects in California of a tsunami generated by a M9.1 Alaskan earthquake. Some include: 15 ft amplitudes, days of strong currents, 1/3 of small boats damaged or sunk, $4-5 B property damage and $1-5 B in business interruption losses,1800 blocks inundated wetting the equivalent of 70,000 single-family dwellings, 5 miles of roads damaged including the San Francisco Bay Bridge toll plaza, $100 million in damage to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and only 2 to 4 hours’ warning time. This is the USGS Science Application for Risk Reduction (SAFRR) program’s 3rd major disaster scenario. It represents the effort of more than 150 earth scientists, engineers, and social scientists from more than 40 public and private entities. SPA’s Keith Porter led the assessment of physical damage. SPA’s Charlie Scawthorn led the assessment of fire following tsunami. See our publications page for the report and related documents. Contact us for a briefing (like this one) on what your organization can learn from the SAFRR tsunami scenario.