Haywired Report Release

Keith Porter represented the Engineering team at the April 18 release of the USGS-sponsored major report The HayWired earthquake scenario—Engineering implications which describes a hypothetical yet scientifically realistic earthquake sequence scenario in order to better understand hazards for the San Francisco Bay region during

ASCE Pipelines 2017

Charles Scawthorn is co-author of a paper, ‘Water Distribution System Pipe Replacement Given Random Defects – Case Study of San Francisco’s Auxiliary Water Supply System‘, for the 2017 Pipelines Conference in Phoenix, Arizona in August 2017.

Geller Fest

Charles Scawthorn gave a presentation at the May 2017 retirement party for Prof. Robert Geller of the University of Tokyo, speaking on “An engineer looks at M-S-G (2017)’s criticisms of PSHA”


Keith Porter and Charles Scawthorn both participated in the first “All-Team” kick-off meeting for the HayWired scenario on April 24, 2017 at East Bay Municipal Utilities District in Oakland, sponsored by the USGS, Association of Bay Area Governments, Joint Venture Silicon Valley,